BNP Election Manifesto

Sean Gabb

I like BNP policy on climate change, Europe, guns, smoking, multiculturalism, taxation, and so forth. I don’t like the idea of putting drug dealers to death, though. I think the time has come to stop denouncing the BNP for what it used to be saying, or for its alleged hidden agenda, and to start looking at what it is saying now.

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  1. Well, they also want big government, the economic madness of autarky (© B. Mussolini) and, I read through their last manifesto and found they want a segregated school system where every child is forced to learn their “traditional values” defined by ethnicity, so presumably white kids would learn the economics of plantation management, and black kids would learn voodoo, or something.

    Really, they’re as mad as a box of frogs. We don’t take the LibLabCon’s policies at face value, so it’s pretty barmy to do so with the BNP.

  2. They are also protectionist, znti free trade leftys.

  3. that should be ‘anti’.

  4. Steven Northwood

    The ideological millstone around the necks of the BNP is a large one, and one which will take a long time to remove. However I think they’re halfway to reaching the mainstream, judging by their recent electoral successes. I think they’ll have more electoral success, but it will be a long and hard creep.

  5. The BNP has arisen to fill a gap in available deployment of the Franchise. This was left by the Old Labour Party turning more and more GramscoStalinist in a Fabian Way, and on-purpose betraying and deserting (what it pretended to say was) its old voting base, the traditional conservative White Working Classes.

    The Tories and Old Liberals, who really gave voteing power to all these people, handed Labour a two-edged sword. I expect that, had the early Labour party deveoloped on different lines or indeed earlier, it would have wanted socialism while actually NOT GIVING the Franchise to “the workers” – on the grounds that they might one day decide to not vote for Labour…for the “Labour Project” to work, it was needful for there to be nothing to vote for except Labour…the risk that the Workers Of The World would turn round and decide someone else represented their concerns better, was too great.

    We here all know why the “new left” so hates the BNP: it competes for votes with what the left regard as their captive Franchise. the “new left” thinks it has gone beyond having to say what this franchise wants to hear, and now reckons it can start to _tell them_ what is _good for them_ and _/what is to be done (to them) in their name/_ . Naturally they don’t like this, feel left out, stranded, unable to emigrate and with nothing to lose, so it’s the BNP for them. This outfit _/is/_ telling them some of the things they want to hear, including stuff about death penalties for unpopular groups such as drug-dealers although I suspect this is for being noticed by Daily Mail readers only) and physical removal of others (qua_ immigrants…)

    In the event of a hung Parliament, or worse, a narrow or wide Labour victory, thinking people have to decide what is worse: a New-Left-Fascist-Anti-Individualist-Government in the form of new Labour (and mark that if Brown does win, then he is functionally-unassailable indefinitely) with all the stuff we fear getting much much worse much faster, and ending in North Korea which is – not – NOT bust either! – or a near-fatally-weakened Labour Party having lost some of its prime Rotten/Pocket-Boroughs (I do not care which type) to the BNP, which will start the latter on its journey of respectability and liberal education at last.

    I’ll let it go at that for now….I need a drink…..

  6. Graham Davies

    The ruling class’ obsessive hatred of the BNP is due to that party’s wholesale rejection of the internationalist agenda. Its economic policies are incidental. If anything, Labour are increasing the BNP’s affinity with the working class by persecuting sympathetic middle class professionals, together with the largely successful attempts to portray the party and its supporters as uneducated or uncultured.

    Brave post Sean, it will definitely draw comment.

  7. Graham Davies

    Just to illustrate.

    So obsessed is the ruling class with creating a nationless New World Order, the left/right dichotomy now operates on the basis of how adverse or in favour a particular group or individual is of globalisation in its broadest sense. So for example, communists are ‘far left’ (workers of the world unite!), while the BNP are classed as ‘far right’ (workers of Britain unite), despite both groups being rather socialist.

  8. Tony Hollick

    The BNP are the polar opposite of libertarian — they’re authoritarian through and through. Anyone who supports them is endorsing that authoritarianism. This is so obvious that it should be unnecessary to mention, but it seems that reality is a long way away here, sometimes.


  9. Tony Hollick

    Heaven help is if this thread gets threadjacked by a prolific BNP supporter like John Thames when Sean spoke up for Holocaust Denial. We could end up with a webspot infested by every kind of right-wing authoritarian madmen. Is that the idea? The BNP is anything but libertarian. It shouldn’t be necessary to point this out, but threre’s a trophe here towards supporting what the “Enemy Class” opposes. Silly juvenile politics.


  10. Tony Hollick

    Heaven help us


  11. Strange, I’ve just noticed my comment (first) above has registered as Anonymous. How queer.

    Anyhow, Hell must currently be covered in glaciers and wandering polar bears, because I find myself entirely agreeing with Tony Hollick.

  12. We’ll see what the thread does today, but yesterday it came a poor third behind references to the LA from Facebook (900 or so, quite usual) and through “Last Exit to Hubble” – indeed this post only just beat Keeley Hazell who is slipping rapidly down our chart hits.

  13. Paul Robinson

    “We don’t take the LibLabCon’s policies at face value, so it’s pretty barmy to do so with the BNP”.

    I think that sums it up rather nicely. Even as a fanatical anti-EU (or at least anti-Britain’s membership of the EU), I don’t think I could bring myself to vote BNP on that basis alone.

    Despite that, they have as much right to say what they think as anyone else, and I found the famous “Question Time” lynch mob, deeply disturbing.

  14. This reminds me of debating topics from when I was at school…say something apparently provocative to stimulate debate.

    I am sure that Sean Gabb is quite aware of what most people would consider the unpalatable aspects of the BNP.

    The problem with this kind of intellectual exercise is that half the readers will think that the endorsement of one or two BNP ideas, whether genuinely felt or not, implies approval of everything else they stand for and not ‘get’ the stimulate discussion thing at all.

  15. Tony Hollick

    “…. I find myself entirely agreeing with Tony Hollick.”

    Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. I’m sure you’ll make a full recovery. Smiles


  16. Tony – I did not speak up for holocaust revisionism. I argued for the rights of revisionists to speak their minds. When it comes to the BNP, this party is no worse on balance than the Regime parties. In some respects, it may be worse. In others, it may be better.

  17. sirs
    I am of indian origin, and I heard that you guys are proposing to pay for people to return to their country of origin.I don’t mind going back to india, that one less mouth to feed here in the UK.

    how much will you offer me, bearing in mind I have 4 children under the age of 16

  18. Sorry – you have the wrong blog. We are the libertarians, not the nationalists. I must say I have myself been thinking of India: lowish taxes and a government that can be bribed into ignoring you.

    One of my great grandfathers was sent out to India in 1912 to do something with the rope factory in Calcutta Dockyard. Because of that, one of my grandmothers was born out there. Does this mean I qualify for an Indian passport?

  19. Tony Hollick


    I freely concede that you’re not a Holocaust denier. In the same light, the ACLU, which I’m a paid-up card-carrying member of, campaigned for the right to march through the Jewish enclave of Skokie, Illinois, fighting off attempts to ban neoNazi marches because this would be a wedge entry point for the FBI to ban anything which Hoover disliked.


  20. Tony Hollick


    India has a nuclear-armed and hostile neighbour in Pakistan. It also has a sizeable Islamic minority. “Communist” China might be a better bet. Smiles

    The BNP is weak on the things it’s good on, and strong on the things it’s bad on.


  21. I can’t really see that Sean has endorsed the BNP anywhere, people. He only said he approves of some of their policies and not others.

    I approve of UKIP’s policies on the EU and not those which continue to criminalise certain drugs. Am I endorsing UKIP?

  22. This post, with 87 views so far today, has beaten Keeley Hazell by a wide margin of 27.

  23. Tony Hollick

    No, Dave, it doesn’t. But it makes you “soft” on the UKIP issue. Leaving the EU is UKIP’s flagship policy, concealing their agenda for policies which the EU doesn’t permit them. Their idea of “freedom” is freedom for the nation-state. to be controlled by them.

    UKIP bears a strong resemblance to the old “hangers-and-floggers” wing of the Tory Party.


  24. Tony has made another good point. One more, and the Universe officially implodes.

    Libertarians should be cautious of those trumpeting “localism”, because all too often it is simply a desire for local tyranny, free from higher intereference. It is no better, and may be worse, to be tyrannised by Westminster than by Brussels. Anyone who thinks localised government is better than delocalised government only needs to look at the shower of shit running any local council.

    Indeed, one could argue that it might be better for libertarians to start fighting for a libertarian EU rather than trying to leave it. At least the EU has a sort of declaration of Rights, which is a fuck sight more than Britain has ever had and ever will have. A campaign to strike out everything after the first two sentences of Article 10 for instance might get us a lot more practical liberty than restoring the full monarchic authority of Westminster.

    I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this, but you know how lazy I am. Everybody else wants a global government. It might profit us as much to work with our friends in all nations (that’ll be several people then) to fight for a global minarchy to accompany global trade, rather than a probably hopeless desire to wall ourselves up in Fortress Britain under a succession of King Gordons.

  25. Local governments are much easier to control. Governments always get out of hand. The EU Govt is unelected. It will get completely out of hand.
    BNP has some attitudes and aspects that are not good. But as a counterweight to the soft totalitarian government that is taking over things they are effective.
    Manic media hatred is only enflamed (as it has been done with BNP and the PF before them) when the subject of the hatred threatens the totalist’s agenda. Okay, or sometimes when they need a scapegoat.
    That hatred has become a “meta-context” and has coloured all our thinking.
    Whenever the media hates someone you can be sure they are doing something right.

  26. Tony Hollick

    An infinite Universe cannot implode. I somehow doubt that the locally observable Universe could care less about anything I say. I can think of a few officials who merit implosion. Smiles



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