And so it goes on

Michael Winning

In spite of the imminent unravelling of their government, the zealots carry on screaming

It says so in the Daily Mail.

Look I don’t mind recycling, doen it for years here anyway. But this breaks the bounds of ridiculosity (is that a word?)

3 responses to “And so it goes on

  1. ho hum – I’m a councillor in Newcastle and I haven’t had a single complaint. What the mail doesn’t say of course is that Mrs Butler is the former leader of thre labour group of the council who was voted out a couple of years ago and that her group had it remained in power wanted to stop weekly collections of food waste which some of us have managed to ensure have remained.

  2. Paul Robinson

    So, Andy, you assume the lack of any complaints means acceptance? What you don’t say, is whether the story about the proliferation of “recycling” containers is true, or not.

    To echo the original post, a little sorting of refuse at home is probably no bad thing, but quite where I’d keep 9 separate containers is an interesting question; I struggle to find space for the 3 wheelie bins my council deems necessary.

  3. In fact being on the stump this year, the only comments I’ve had are praise… Actaully of course the nine is nonsense. One bin in the pick isn’t issued in that area, the cardboard and paper BAGS fir in the blue box as will the plastic and no-one re-cycles clothes every week. Typical mail stuff oh and the govt credits we get (hate the system but I’ll play it while it’s there) keeps the poll tax down too.