I don’t think so, Janet

David Davis

Janet Daley, normally very sound on liberalism in general, thinks UKIP ought to withdraw all its candidates for this election, so as not to let Labour or even the limp-Dems in by default. I don’t think so: for UKIP is taking on the role of the “Conservative” Party that the Tories have abrogated. if Cameron’s “Conservatives” were really conservative, and said what people want really to hear, rather than what their Enemy-Class-Advisers said they ought to say, we would not be in this mess.

3 responses to “I don’t think so, Janet

  1. Paul Robinson

    I couldn’t agree more (about UKIP, that is!).

    Unfortunately, due to the 3 party plus main stream media “stitch-up”, UKIP aren’t getting any kind of hearing at all. I note that in addition to the 3 party leaders debates, there are debates for Scotland (SNP), and Wales (Plaid Cymru), and Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein) – but UKIP and the BNP are totally excluded.

    This evenings debate is to my mind the most important one; surely they can’t ignore Europe (the subject that “dare not speak its name”)? I bet they’ll try. They’ve hidden it away on Sky News (not quite as msm as the BBC), and Sky get to chose which questioner (which question) is called. What’s the betting that neither Clegg nor Cameron is “skewered” on their respective policies toward the EU?

  2. Janet Daley dislikes liberalism. Is this what you meant to say? Norman Tebbitt dislikes liberalism, although he used the word when he thought there was some mileage in it. There’s a difference between liberalism and authoritarianism, and they’re authoritarians. This should be obvious, but there is sometimes more to the obvious than is obvious…


  3. Paul Robinson

    Well, I think I was more or less right – the only direct question about the EU was the first one. Adam Bolton moved to the next question at precisely 8.15 pm. The “debate” started at 8.00 pm, so allowing for the preamble, and the three 2 minute statements, I make that a maximum of 8 minutes out of 90, devoted to our membership of the EU.

    And what did we learn? They’re all in favour of our membership – surprise, surprise!

    As to who “won”, who cares?