Should we break up the UK?

Michale Winnign

Just get a look at this, bloody scary map, it came from over here.

5 responses to “Should we break up the UK?

  1. Spencer Whitlock

    It is tempting to say yes, but that runs the risk of future military encirclement. The Auld Alliance resurrected and enlarged, our island advantage gone.

    The Scots were quite classically liberal, two hundred or so years ago. Perhaps they could be again.

  2. It is true, that the other countries on the UK Mainland and Ireland have indeed been egged on to cause us hurt in the Kingdom of The English Lowlands. But usually only when Tyrannies and Reichs on the European Mainland are strong-in-tax-revenues.

    But surely, Michael has a point:

    We’d take all the kit with us? I mean, we could not leave such things as fully-armed Tornados in Lossiemouth, and nuclear subs in Faslane, while the place is yet run by the ScotsNats….can we?

    It’s of course no use “wiring” the borders – the Mexicans have shown that to Bush and Obamessiah. But we’d have some cheap labour, about £2 an hour I think, if we were to cut off the Joel-Barnett-formula-stuff.

  3. “We’d take all the kit with us?”

    9% of it is ours!

    I caused mild consternation at an Edinburgh dinner party the other night when I said that Scotland should declare independence but keep the Trident subs! Got to keep an eye on Bradford…

  4. I’d love to vote SNP. Sadly, there are no candidates in Deal. I’d like to wave goodbye to Scotland – and to half the national debt of course, which has been doubled by two Scotchmen.

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