Anarcho-Capitalism versus Minarchism

David Davis

Interesting analysis over at CountingCats, of a problem which has been bugging me for some years: how to ensure Order becoming the inevitable daughter of Liberty, as she really is, instead of people thinking that Liberty arises out of imposed order.

4 responses to “Anarcho-Capitalism versus Minarchism

  1. …and the first part of my response.

  2. To think that a good and well ordered system of exchange can come through state intervention, or the intervention of any other body of humans, is to display disarming trust in those humans.
    Personally I do not have that trust and it is evident to me that the best possible system of order in human transactions whether financial or other, is to allow the natural order that occurs with freely competing people entering into free exchanges. The natural tension between competing interests is the closest one is going to get to spontaneous order in human affairs unless one is willing to go further and call on the divine.
    What any system of state or other human intervention is trying to achieve is, in fact, to replace God as the absolute authority.

    Regarding spontaneous order, well . . .
    Order cannot occur spontaneously in randomness. There can be no such thing as spontaneous order. For, where does that order come from – in randomness? Further, events and circumstances left to themselves tend to disorder. If this were not so diffusion would not happen. There would be no such thing as osmosis, a basic process of life.
    But naturally arising order as understood, I think, agrees with that because it is very simply the spontaneous inter action of people, and events, responding to the order that is already inherent in them, causing them to function in a manner consistent with that order and therefore, to be ordered. The order does not have to be enforced, as in Marxism or fascism, or any other system of control. It is already established and it out works through people and events.
    It is as natural as gravity.

  3. Libertarianism is a religion???

    [ FX: “God did it!!!” ] Smiles


  4. Labels confuse reality by bringing in baggage.
    I prefer to try and see what is there if possible free of context. (I realise that is not possible but somehow one wants to get away from discussing the whole universe at once.)
    In this situation. Order arising freely as a consequence of order already existing and not being imposed according to someone’s agenda.