I smell the 1970s too

Michael Winning

Saw this just now, the mood seems the same, I cam smell the rat I feel floating in the air…

4 responses to “I smell the 1970s too

  1. Paul Robinson

    The stench of the seventies has been overwhelming for a while.

    Econmic problems, union leaders starting to flex their muscles again, a shambolic Labour government, a “Heathite” oposition, I could go on. All we need is a full blown sterling crisis (which we’re probably going to get after the election, whatever the outcome), and the sense of deja vu will be almost complete. Very depressing.

  2. I had some good times in the ’70s. Not even Heath could spoil everything! Smiles…


  3. You smell a rat you feel floating in the air? Mixed metaphors — or impossible rats.


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