The Daily Mail outdoes _/itself/_ in triviality

David Davis

It is very nice – and I have no objection at all to these inconsequential models and celebs amusing themselves  at “charity auctions – that Sir Philip Green (more consequential to our fortunes than the others) can afford to pay £100,000 for some bits of blueish cloth. Especially as the money will go “to Haiti”. I wonder, though, how much Kate Moss’s “women and children” will see of it after the UN has got its fingers round the swagbag. I admire Sir Philip Green: he is a smart businessman, insofar as these still are these days, and knows what he is about. And so does cunning-Kate Moss – so aptly positioned for the camera so she could cry in public…..(I blame the wicked and evil woman “Princess” Diana)….still “reeling” from the death of Alexander McQueen (who he?)

It’s a nice little minidress, though. If I had a 20-y-o girlfriend, I’d probably get her mates to run one up on a sewing-machine for her. Shame about the leather bra-restrainer that the poor dead-bugger saw fit to apply to the top of it, though. She’d look better without it.

When the world is sliding towards the cesspool, the Falklands are about to “brew up” again, Brown’s spent all our money, and even Polish satellite TV finds it more important to report on China, the Greek-State crash bailout, Iran and French Internet-censorship, one of our leading MSM papers finds space for this kind of tosh.

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