That’s the spirit!

David Davis

41%/vol beer….well I’ll believe it when I see it drink it, but that’s the real thing.

I shall be researching how to do this stuff, for when the State clamps down in prohibition, upon you all. Soon, I will publish a general guide to brewing and distilling. On the other hand, perhaps I won’t include distilling information, as it’s technically illegal…

3 responses to “That’s the spirit!

  1. Apparently, this beer’s called “Sink the Bismark” – at 41% by volume, it’d sink ANYTHING!

    Also, at £40 per bottle (help – what’s 330 ml in English?) it’ll sink your wallet!

  2. 330ml is about 3/5 of a pint Paul. I can think of cheaper ways to get a high….

  3. Steven Northwood

    Distilling is technically illegal? You don’t need to remind me why I’m a Libertarian today. That is pure fascism. Every person on this planet should have the inalienable right to prepare foodstuffs and the like.

    For myself, I’d love to get into brewing. I only ever drink lager, never spirits or fruit-derived beverages, and in particular a clean pale ale such as Peroni or Beck’s, preferably brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot. The UK-brewed stuff is disgusting, dark yellow and full of chemicals.

    Let me know if you need a business partner David – or perhaps more specifically a product tester – because I think I’ve known for years what the market is looking for. :-)