How to destroy private schooling in the UK

David Davis

First, get to be the “government”. Then, get your hands on some shiny levers called a “ministry of education” or whatever: if necessary, build the machine with the levers on it and staff it with your fellow-travellers.

Next, make noises about “investing in people”, and that your priorities are “education, education, education”. (They are of course, just not in the way people think you mean.)

Then, get your digits round the windpipes of institutions that have flocked to your bait, of “money” and “funding”. Threaten them with cold turkey if they don’t admit who you say…

Finally, attack the already-struggling private schools, with threats to modify their “taxation status”, or with extra supernumerary burdens “in the community”.

I could go on: but you all know where this is heading.

2 responses to “How to destroy private schooling in the UK

  1. The private schooling system is primarily a transmission-belt for the Ruling Class privileges.


  2. Hey, I only just noticed this!

    ‘First, get to be the “government”’

    Is it really that easy? Anyone wanting to rule the world can get to be the world government?

    Do tell… Smiles