AUDI: please don’t buy one

David Davis

if I could afford a new car, then some Audis are pretty and fast. The Bugatti Veyron is nice, and it just screams “Audi” at you with its funny face. Also, I was specially impressed with a friend’s RS6 (450hp, 4.2 V8) a couple of years ago, when he got us from West Lancashire to deepest south South Wales in two hours flat, for a timed meeting (please don’t tell the Police.) But not after this:-

Don’t buy an Audi, and spread this around….

h/t Fausty’s

2 responses to “AUDI: please don’t buy one

  1. Good cure for my fantasies of driving an R8. Fuck ’em, they can keep it. I just wish I could afford one so I could boycott it properly.

  2. I don’t see what’s wrong. In fact, it’s what ought to be happening anyway. Taking the piss out of the fascist ecomentalists whilst producing a piece of technology that performs well whilst reducing, presumably, your fuel bills in the next oil shock!

    It really rubs the ecos nose in it I’d say and is therefore all the more reason to buy one!