The most expensive cheese in the world

….at about £100,000 per pound.

David Davis

Even though the cheese slice was the Franchisee’s private property, you’d have thought they could let one go now and again. If today’s British A-level statistics papers are anything to go by, people called “Sameena” pack cheese slices in boxes of mean contents = 500, standard deviation = 3, and P( x < 496) = 0.001, P( x > 504) = 0.01 ….

I presume that Dutch McDonald’s outlets are also independently-operated franchises just like they are here? I do not know. Perhaps someone will enlighten me, If so, I can’t believe that the odd whole burger does not go “missing” fairly frequently.

One response to “The most expensive cheese in the world

  1. The most expensive cheese in the world is produced Zasavica company from Serbia, 1 kg (2 lb) of this cheese cost 1000 euros (1400 US dollars). Reportedly, this cheese is so expensive because it is made from donkey milk, and for one kg of cheese need 25 liters of milk. This does not look impressive but when you know that donkey for the whole year produce 25 liters of milk, then you understand why this cheese is so expensive.
    Most expensive cheese