More experts say stuff

Michael Winning

And to continue the Boss’s Day Of Small Things, I know it’s late but It says over at the Daily Express that “salt kills 40,000 people a year.”

Experts say this so it must be true.

Well I suppose we all have to die of something so it might as well taste nice. It puts the term food-fascism in a new light, and so why don’t we just send all these experts to a state-health-farm, in the far north somewhere, with nothing but boiled root vegetables to eat, that’ll fix them.

Personally I recommend tiny little wet-finger-touch-helpings of sodium monohydrogen-glutamate, as a hor-douevre. It actually tastes quite good. You can buy 500g and 1Kg shrink-packs of it at the local Chinese cash and carry in Manchester.

2 responses to “More experts say stuff

  1. Is that the same stuff as monosodium glutamate?

    Heroin goes for $50 a kilo in Kabul, where there’s been a record harvest. Street value around $20,000 a kilo, say, in New York or London. With profit margins like that, the distributors are raking in billions of dollars. End-vendors turn their customers into dealers so as to get their own stuff for free.

  2. The very same, Tony. Michael’s definition is actually the precise one. The bonus is I now know where to go and get the food-grade stuff myself!