We are their farm animals again

David Davis

While this router is partially behaving (every machine that connects, even other people’s) can’t reach certain addresses) it is worth mentioning the even more intensive videoing of individuals going about their private business, under the excuse of reigning in “speeding motorists” and “reducing CO2 emissions”.

It is perfectly obvious that these devices can be connected to whatever data-harvesting device one pleases.

Why do they need UAV drones in the sky AND these things as well?

3 responses to “We are their farm animals again

  1. “Why do they need UAV drones in the sky AND these things as well?”

    Because you can never get enough intelligence and there are 6 1/2 billion people in the world, some of whom may be doing stuff we may want to stop.


  2. So, if data _can_ be gathered, then it _must_ be?

    And gathered, what’s more, by people who may be doing stuff that _ought_ to be stopped, like governments?

  3. From the POV of the investigative agencies, everyone is suspect and anyone might be other than what they appear.

    Intelligence is very useful to corporations who can get hold of business information of great commercial value. It’s not as if it _must_ be gathered; but there’s a HUGE market for information.

    Ferinstance: Air France bugged their own First Class seats so as to gather commercial, military, security and personal information from their passengers. And all sorts of information are gathered without being analysed or used. Authoritarian politicians will try to convince you that “If you have nothing to hide there’s nothing to fear.”

    Spying is often a dirty business: how do you think it should be regulated? Within what remits?