Time he went

David Davis

Here come the real knocks to the Banking sector. Clinton made then swallow poisoned pills, and now the Obamessiah’s blaming them for fabricating said pills…

The little of RBS that we once had is now lost.

4 responses to “Time he went

  1. How is it that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan made such multi billion fortunes last year? It’s almost enough to make one believe they were the cause of the economic crash. Ah. Is that what we are supposed to think.
    Who actually sucked up all that wealth as lots of currency units were invented on computers in banks?
    JP Morgan figures as one of the founders of the Fed, so I suppose it is logical they are not too far away from the scene of the crime. Who are they covering for?

  2. I never owned any part of RBS. What percentage of it did you have? Did you attend shareholders’ meetings?


  3. No. We bought 1,800 shares at about 15p, a year ago, with some of Peter’s stash, for a punt. They’re back down to near that now.

  4. Interesting. What prompted you to buy? Have you sold yet? I can’t ask you to post your Holdings File, but I’m intrigued. 80% of small investors on the London Exchange show losses — if I wanted to have a punt I’d be tempted towards FOREX.