Find what has taste and adds meaning to life…

…and “call for” it to be banned.

David Davis

These bastards really mean to blight everyone’s life, which is to be long, pleasure-free and lives in State-stasis. It’s not enough to discredit them in print, saying that they are in the pay of vast global organic-farming-combines, or the Bilderbergers of subsistence-existence.

Eventually we have to consider a point at which, if people are right and these droids are wrong, they can be permitted to spread falsehoods.

See how corrupting is the presence of evil on the Earth.

5 responses to “Find what has taste and adds meaning to life…

  1. Well the Finnish are looking after us well, they want to ban all cigarettes, completely.
    “What’s that you got there son? – A cigarette?! – Get down on the floor, raise your hands in the air!!”

    But I do still maintain that to combat the liars all you have to do is get the truth out there, and the lies evaporate as they are exposed to daylight.
    Like germs, vicious little swine but expose them to air and sinlight, and: Kaput!
    Getting the truth out there is more than writing it in one place. It can take action with hundred thousand leaflet drops, etc.
    But it can be done. And the battle wins itself!

  2. Did it again – anonymous

  3. sunlight!!

  4. You can’t keep on taking credit for all of Anonymous’s posts, John. Sooner or later the truth will out.

  5. I’ll promise him some contraband butter or something. Perhaps smuggle him a MacDonalds. Or a fag.