Norman Tebbit’s blog kicks off

Nichael Winning

Go read all of it, the old codger always said things unpopular with whatve noe become our Enemy Class. Can’t think why, perhaps they are just bad.

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  1. New Labour did not so much win the election in 1997 as that the Conservatives became weak and vassilating as a party and simply lost the confidence of the electorate. Perhaps the IRA bomb blast at the 1984 Conservative Party Conference in Brighton did, eventually, blow the party apart.

    When the Conservatives came to power in 1979 they did so because the people of Britain were desperate for a solution for the encroaching night they saw on the political landscape at that time. Similar, in many ways, to the situation we find ourselves in in 2010.
    At that time there was even a slight flirting with the National Front, so desperate was the Great British Public, as there is now with the BNP.
    Fortunately for the Conservatives they had managed to find a strong leader in Margaret Thatcher and the public swept her to victory with a profound sense of relief.
    There followed a decade of reasonably strong (in principles, not meanining authoritarian!) and common sense government during which a lot of the rubbish assailing Britain (and the West) was seen off. Together with Ronald Reagan and a more common sense approach Pope, Margaret Thatcher did much to rid the world of the collectivist insanity, that has now returned with a vegeance.
    I do not have specific information but simply looking at what happened it would seem to me that those within the Conservative Party who are also of the collectivist, authoritarian mentality, prevailed over time. They destroyed Maragret Thatcher’s policies, piece by piece until they managed to steer her into a few highly unpopular decisions in which situation she was finally prevailed upon to quit.
    Subsequent to her departure the Party was slowly and subtly realigned until it returned to be the fudging party of old, and some time thereafter (although it did take quite some years to retrain the electorate!) New Labour, which had donned the guise of common sense and resolute action, standing shoulder to shoulder with George Bush on Iraq, for instance, was elected by a bemused British public.
    There has been an ongoing hope, I think, that the Tories of 79 would return, and even now the British public is turning to David Cameron. But already he has blotted his integrity by the all important reneging from the promise to hold a referendum on joining the EU.
    Unless there is a significant change in policy by the Conservatives, well, they will probably win the election because the alternative is simply too horrifying, but I think the integrity is being sullied and the British people are aware, again, that they are being subtely sold down the river.
    Thatcher and Reagan, and the people with them such as yourself, stopped the totalitarian and imperialist march of Soviet Communism across the globe.
    After thirty years that march of totalitarianism, under other guises and political programmes, now seems to be on the march again.
    What can the British Public do now?

    There is an interesting history at: