If even she can’t wave a knife at scumbags, what hope is there for us?

David Davis

And she’s even famous and pretty and on the Wireless Tele Vision.

In terms of a recommendation, I’m not recommending this recommendation that will follow, as it would be an illegal thing to recommend, and libertarians are nothing if not law-abiding individuals who of course don’t recommend such things. But one might say that an alert and brave person ought to go out, run at and immediately kill the cowardly ******s with headbuts and karate-chops (they will freeze in terror) as they are only immature hoodies anyway whether they are 47 years old and “hardened”, or 14 years old and “happy-go-lucky boys, loved by all, and who’d walk away from trouble”. Then, dispose of them with whatever came to hand,  and serially pass out the remains in (fortnightly) “recycling every week” collections, as if they were merely out-of-date bacon-joints. Done slowly and carefully, from a house that has not previously excited police suspicion, this could be effected, for nobody will give a f*** for the dead scumbags anyway or come asking about them. It is most unlikely that they will have left detailed itineraries with relatives, about what house they are going to attack that night.

When the first person is arrested and charged for disposing of a scumbag who pre-detailed where he was going to burgle and mug today, and parts of whom were found in recycling depots in China, we will then know that socialism really has its teeth in our ankle, and we ought to fight harder.

I am sure that the State realises how angry people have become, since it cannot be composed of cretinously moronic people: which is why I maintain that it is persecuting the Bourgeoisie on purpose.

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  1. Howard R Gray

    As always, the words of advice from PC Plod are inept and useless. The fact is that from the moment you report the crime in progress, note “in progress” (i.e while you are dieing), you must do nothing until the police arrive to deal with the matter.

    I saw off a savage pig from my premises in Brooklyn a couple of years ago my using my cell phone by calling the police. The act of using the phone caused him to move off rather than knife or shoot me. However, the boys in blue arrived about 45 minutes later. Not exactly comforting. I was lucky, no thanks to any active police presence. It is only a question of time when the crooks will know when to not worry about the police arriving any time soon.

    Clearly, in the UK, and here in the US, the police have limited responce capabilities. Idiot liberals don’t seem to get it. Disarmed populations are going to be increasingly angry and alienated from the civil protective power of the police if this arrant nonsence contiues much longer. The outcome won’t be good.

    Personal sovereignty is essential for any society to be adjudged as civilised. The lack of personal rights of self protection is the beginning of the end of civil society. From what I can see, the UK is on the slippery slope. The only query is how steep is it and how fast are you sliding down it?

  2. Paul Robinson

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked at such stories. Why is there not more public outrage when such incidents are reported?

    Have we really become so supine that we are prepared to let the scumbags (and I include the police in that description) literally run riot with our personal safety and property?

    I despair.

  3. Any protection you have is that which you provide for yourself. And protection always works. At the point it fails to work its no longer protection.
    Police cant protect them-selves, much less you.

    Thanks, Anne Cleveland, octogenariansblog.com

  4. There is a long and interesting comment thread over at Samizdata about this very incident:-


    I have included a couple of self-defence tips.

    Another I would add here is that, if you decide to use your semi-automatic pistol, one of which everybody ought to try to begin to acquire soon ffrom a trusted and discrete source ( and no, I DON’T know any) then make sure you fire two or three shots in very quick succession, at the head, neck or chest.

    The first shot may only diasble the scumbag and cause blood loss, nothing else. The SOE were taught this very early on in training.

  5. Picture this:

    There are competing personal security services.

    You sign up with the service that best suits your needs. There are published performance stats to help you choose.

    You are provided with a personal radio alarm, which can be as small as a wrist watch, a pendant or a belt clip. This is used to summon protective services.

    When you press two buttons on the device, it broadcasts alarm signals providing your ID, GPS coordinates and so on. The call is logged, and the nearest rescue service alerted to your distress call.

    These devices will do more to reduce real crimes than anything else you can name. Inexpensive, convenient and effective.



  6. When the scumbags begin to notice that sometimes one of them “goes out”, and appears never to return or be heard from again, the rate of occurrence of these incidents will begin to fall sharply.

    The scumbag is not stupid: no not at all. He knows all about the level of current risk, which makes his calling (no, it’s not a trade at all) profitable. When death enters the probability stats for him, his activities will be self-curtailed.

  7. I am not saying that the State ought to administer the Death Penalty either. Not trusting States with money, I would not trust them with the disposal of life.

    The death penalt, like weapons, belongs in the hands of the people, as it represents power over the activities of bad individuals.

    Individual towns and villages may perhaps even decide whether to advertise externally what their inhabitants will do to intruders and scumbags, and other defilers of individual property, if such are caught with their trousers down.

    It of course follows that the sheer number of “crimes” created by this and previous British State-Nazi government administrations, would be very very cut down. A new criminal offence a day for 13 years, under the GFNs, means at least 4,000 new offences wich would not justify the death of the aggressor, and for which a jury would of course convict the murderer.

  8. Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    A couple of things you should remember:

    1) If the plods wish to conduct a gun shot residue test, you will, of course, just have been working on your 2-stroke cycle/mower, or doing some plumbing repair on your copper pipe with lead based solder.
    2) Never hit anyone with a wooden baseball bat. a) You can break your bat hitting someone with a wooden bat, whereas you cannot break an aluminum bat. b) An aluminum bat actually bends and rebounds so that it imparts more force to the ball: it hits harder. Due to the fact that it bends it actually has a larger ‘sweet’ spot: it hits harder. c) You cannot get blood residue (read DNA) out of the pores of a wooden bat. It will thereafter always carry evidence of the crime, which boiling/bleach etc. may not be able to eradicate. An aluminum bat however can be boiled, or steamed in the over. A wooden bat may only be burned, not sometimes easy.
    3. Never buy a wooden handled hammer. See above.

    • Thank you for those useful tips, which I will note.

      I hopealso, optimistically, that you are not a State-Policeman, trying to finger us for attempted incitement, or something of that sort of which I may not have heard?

  9. Tony, that has to be the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.
    Yes Sir, just have a cute little piece of technology that summons the police – that’ll save your sorry rear.
    Ever hear of cell phones and speed dial ??
    Hell, they can’t show up any faster if you’re on the phone and being stabbed to death !!
    You keep you silly panty waisted faith in technology and the speed and accuracy of your police to SWOOP in and save you.
    I’ll keep my faith in my 9mm Glock.

  10. Sadly, things are not like what Tony logically and correctly would like them to be like, in a civil society, in which security is available, effective, and client-responsive.

    This society is no longer “civil” in the classical liberal sense. There are islands of tranquility, sone quite large still, but they are diminishing.

    The rise of the dominion of the scumbag, aided and actively abetted by the British State as a means of perpetuating the income of the Enemy-Class via its lawyers, “lawmakers”, “movers and shakers”, bureaucrats, “court services co-ordinators” (I made that one up but you can tell exactly who those people are – art imitates life now here) and “probationists”, has got to too developed a pitch now to be simply reversed by magically importing “better private security”. All this does is advertise that some people have got something worth protecting.

    And you have to be on alert (or they do for you) all the time and for ever: the scumbag only has to get in once.

    The solution to scumbags, whether State-engendered or not – and it was their choice whatever, remember, to become a scumbag, is to kill them.

    Other scumbags will find out, slowly at first. A few will disappear without trace with not even body-parts or Nike Trainers or pay-as-you-go-phones traced by GPS, but later faster as their numbers diminish, “A Strong Message Will Be Sent”, that it does not pay to go about scumbagging ordinary sovereign individuals.

    I cannot tell at all what kinds of weapons or methods will be use to deal with these droids. Time only will prove.

    In time, I hope, Tony’s private security solutions will not be needed by the Market, as the scumbags who really meant it will all be dead, and the wannabes will “get it”.

    There will be Better People, and our doors can be left unlocked, we Can Travel The Kingdom With A Basinful of Gold Unmolested, and political parties can scrag each other with cometing claims about…

    …”Putting Fewer Police On The Beat”.