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Very good and sound logic

David Davis

From David Farrer at Freedom and Whisky (.com)

And Freedom and Whisky finds more justification for leaving the State out of your arrangements.

State child-stealing

David Davis

Never thought I’d see stuff like this.

If there _is_ a war on terrorism, then we should conduct one. If not, then not.

David Davis

Charles Moore in his inimitable style discusses why we don’t stop little old  white Caucasian ladies at airports.

We as libertarians all know that “the war on terror” is a machinery-device by the GramscoFabiaNazis. It is designed for “security-theatre” purposes.

The “Moslems” are merely an identifiable fall-guy-group, who can be blamed publicly. Of course, none (much) can be charged with anything, mostly because nearly all of them are not guilty of doing anything to hurt us, so it “does not stand” as a case. They ought not to allow themselves to submit to this sort of public vilification: mostly this can be done by allying themselves wholeheartedly with “Western Values”, _/In Public/_ , which is very easy and which requires no religious alliegance to anything whatever except an honest and checkable commitment to secular liberalism.

The “War on Terror”  is here only and exclusively to control and enslave the populations of The West whose aspirations, lifestyle and values the GFNs hate, and want dead so they can inherit such power and wealth as is left undecomposed.

The GFNs are thus the ultimate harbingers of evil, wickedness and oblivion, although they themselves either don’t know it – or – more likely – they  _/do/_   know it, but have no care whatsoever for the rest of Humanity which may not be party to their desires and impulses of death and solo-deliverance.

At least Labour are honestly-statist scumbags

…llike Hugh Gaitskell who genuinely hated Anglosphere culture out of moral conviction (so Tony Benn loved him) and whom Margaret Thatcher most feared, out of all of them…(Wilson was just a Yezhov-policeman-imitation-character.)

…whereas David Cameron wants power so so so much that he can’t summon up the moral courage, the guardian-Angel-conscience, if you like, to cut and cut and cut again, and WIN the Party back to power!

David Davis

What “baby-George” George Osborne can do first of all, at about 02:00 am on the morning of a general-election win – IF they get one at all which is by no means assured as the Labour-scumbags will try to rig the results –  is this:-

(1) Lock-down and shut all “government buildings” containing such things as…

…”departments” of… education/skills/culture/women/communities/environment/farming/rural-affairs/more women/children-schools-and-families/media/sport/ diversity/health-protection-agency/UK-trade and investment/E-government-unit/Direct-gov(very very very sinister thing, this one!/The Greater London Authority/Info4local (whatever that might be?)/Better regulation Executive (even more sinister!)/UK resilience(er what?)/Department for work and pensions/Home Office Interior Ministry/Ministry of Justice (a tautology that one!)/Department for transport/ Department for regulatory reform (what’s the “better regulation executive” for then?)/Department for communities and local government/Department for children schools and families (this GramscoFabiaNazi government hates families and wants them dead, because they challenge its authority)/Department for comunities and local government (why is there another one?)

(2) Put all the “staff” on the street. Give them a bin-liner and 15 minutes to clear their desks and their lavatories of personal property.

(3) Burn ALL the records (and I include all hard disks, pen-drives, CD roms and servers) of all these departments. It must specifically include the pension records of all the people who have worked there. Otherwise there will become no stigma or even temporaray disadvantage attached to having worked for such places.

The Queen cares more about being “Head of a Church” than…

…looking after her Subjects’ sovereignty.

David Davis

This actually upset me as well as making me realise that the Queen must have deliberately given assent to things like ROME, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon.

If a “Senior Adviser” to the Queen has asked for a meeting with the Asse-Hatte “Rowan” Williams”, then it must mean that the Queen asked for it to take place.

The Pope is perfectly entitled to try and “poach” “Anglicans” from England into the Universal Church, if he can. He’s a classic aggressive campaigning battling Christian Pope of the Old School, and good luck to him: he’s also fun to watch, and smiles often, which makes you want to like him as a person.You can imagine him on a destrier, in full armour, wielding his flanged mace (so as not to shed blood while killing) in the middle of the Battle of Hastings.

Equally, by sovereign constitutional precedent and settlement, the Queen as the Anglican Boss is entitled to try and hold on to her “farm animals”. She might also care to think about defending our liberties sometimes. But what she’s clearly doing right now is a harmless game that has no bearing on how we real individuals live our lives, which are our own: this is one of the few real comforts available to us in a darkening and less free world.

But the Queen – rather than get exercised about playing harmless games – ought to have spent most of the last 50 years resisting far far more dangerous and important threats, both to our status and hers: such as the encroachment of the fascist EU upon especially and in particular British Sovereignty – no? Customer Reviews: The Terror of Constantinople


Constantinople in 610 AD, three hundred years after Constantine the Great took the small fishing village of Byzantium and made it the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire; the city where Europe meets Asia; the City of Man’s Desire, where anything can be bought for the right price. But is the City of Gold a city of dreams or nightmares?
"Terror of Constantinople" marks the second outing for Aelric, a young Saxon nobleman transplanted to early seventh century Rome from England. Initially sent on a mission with his mentor, the priest Maximin, to collect books for the Roman Church in Britain, clever, cynical Aelric has proven a useful tool for the venal, power-hungry clerics of the Church in Rome, and is not planning on returning to his bleak, benighted homeland anytime soon.
His previous assignment as investigator and hatchet man for the Dispensator of the Church of Rome successfully completed, Aelric looks forward to settling into his nice new home in one of the few remaining suburbs of Rome still in working order. He’s coining it on the trading market, collecting books by the dozen for his library, and about to marry his pretty, ditzy mistress and become a father. Life looks good.
However the Dispensator hasn’t finished with Aelric yet, and blackmails him into accepting a new assignment, this time in Constantinople. Aelric soon finds that beneath its sophisticated veneer the city is suffocating in fear, controlled by a terrifying secret service which scoops up people at random on charges of treachery, sending them to torture and death in the cells beneath the sinister Ministry. Agents provocateur infiltrate all levels of society and citizens are encouraged to denounce each other at will. Wives tired of their husbands, sons wanting their inheritances in a hurry, business rivals, and envious neighbours all find a ready ear in the Ministry’s Black Agents. Divide and rule is the policy of Emperor Phocas, a paranoid megalomanic under threat of losing his position and his head to the next claimant to the throne. Danger lurks at every turn. Despite his overweening confidence in his own golden good looks, charm and intelligence, Aelric has to admit that even he might have stepped over his head into a cesspit this time. Will quick wits, a sexy smile and a sword be enough to save him?
Conspiracies of Rome was one of my historical fiction finds of 2008, and "Terror of Constantinople" is another winner. Blake’s erudition and political savvy create a convincing framework for an irreverent, bawdy historical thriller, written with élan and full of non-stop action, intrigue and suspense. The period is unusual and fascinating, as Blake himself says, "just at the transition between late antiquity and the mediaeval period," and Aelric makes a compelling protagonist. He’s conceited, ruthless, amoral and hedonistic. He also has a contagious zest for life, a passion for knowledge, and a distaste for narrow-minded religious dogmatism. He’s generous and protective of his motley mix of retainers as befits a Saxon lord, and has the Saxon warrior’s boundless capacity for alcohol, love of a good, brutal fight and zeal for blood-feud if he or his are injured in any way; a complex and contradictory character who always leaves the reader guessing.
Bring on "The Blood of Alexandria"! Customer Reviews: The Terror of Constantinople

The Controlled Entertainment Media: A Case Study

Andy Thompson writes:

Hope you are keeping OK.
I refer to the abovementioned section of your excellent publication, “Cultural Revolution, Culture War”.
In this chapter you write,
“….millions watch the entertainment programmes; and these have been recruited as part of the hegemonic apparatus”.

“It is possible to fill up page after page with similar examples of the use of popular entertainment as a reinforce of the hegemonic ideology—the careful balance of races and sexes in positions of authority, the vilification of white middle class men, the undermining of traditional morals and institutions, the general attack on all that is targeted for destruction.

Any one example given may seem trifling or even paranoid. But, taken together, the function of much of the entertainment media is to subvert the old order”.
May I draw your attention to the attached video clip of an advert currently doing the rounds on commercial television.  Unsurprisingly, it is a Government advert espousing the virtues of loft insulation in order to reduce our collective ‘carbon footprints’. 
This advert is a classic example of what you rightly describe as “….the careful balance of races and sexes in positions of authority, the vilification of white middle class men….”
Three parts of this advert are noteworthy:
1. The use of a ‘mixed race’ young male as the boyfriend of the young, white girl.  Not only a mixed race young man but a helpful one who offers to help out the mother without apparent fear of insulting the father. 
2. The portrayal of the father as a weak, pitiful, figure of fun.  Almost pathetic, he is patronised and ridiculed throughout – by his daughter and wife in particular.
3. The portrayal of the mother as a strong, independent, modern and intelligent woman. Clearly the ‘leader of the house’, she is the one at the top of the ladder carrying out the DIY whilst the husband is relegated to the landing to look up (in every respect) at his dominant spouse.
I am wary of being castigated as paranoid or a conspiracy theorist but this advert astonished me in it’s anti-conservative, anti white, pro-ethnic minority, pro-feminist and pro-liberal left audacity.  No surprise I suppose given the hand of this Marxoid government in it’s production.
The worrying thing is, the brain-dead majority of the country watching the advert would see it as normal fair and would not give the issues I have highlighted a second thought.
Worrying.  Very worrying.
Keep up the good work.
Andy Thompson