Sean Gabb

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

I’ve become increasingly convinced that the BBC is part of an international conspiracy about ‘climate change’. It isn’t simply that the reporting is so biased; it’s also because there seems to be a concerted effort to make sure that whatever so-called sceptics discover, for example over Climategate, the warmists bounce straight back with a new set of warped theories or bent facts to support their arguments. The feed of material is relentless, as if it is coming from an organised source. Over the holidays, I’ve been doing some digging on this, and I wanted to share one of my first findings.
A BBC journalist called Peter Thomson is not a household name in this country, but he’s the environment editor of the BBC programme (made jointly with WGBH Boston and RPI) The World, which on a daily basis pushes out climate scare stories to millions of people. Mr Thomson, it turns out, is also the secretary of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a US organisation, the main purpose of which is to spread alarmism through a ‘guide’ about ‘climate change'(masked of course, under the cloak of ‘objectivity’). There can be no doubt that this is a campaigining organisation which wants to achieve political change because it believes that the world needs to reduce CO2 emissions.
Mr Thomson’s activism does not stop there. He’s also a member of the advisory board of the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, yet another international organisation with alarmist goals. It, too, publishes a guide to how journalists should cover ‘climate change’; in truly chilling McCarthyite terms, the introduction explains how anyone who disagrees with “the consensus” should be ignored and that journalists should frantically pester editors to publish ‘climate change’ scare stories.
So, to recap. One of the BBC’s most senior editors responsible for environmental reporting has formal roles at the epicentre of a worldwide coinspiracy among ‘climate change’ alarmists. Not only that, he is assisting in the international propagation of so-called science communication guides, the main purpose of which are to enlist other journalists to spread the same lies in which he also believes. I suspect there’s a whole phalanx of Peter Thomsons, all feeding the BBC’s insatiable appetite to feed us with moonshine.
Update: Richard North, of EU Referendum, has kindly provided further information about BBC propagandists. Nik Gowing, a prominent – and rather humourless – BBC World Service presenter, has a no-doubt lucrative sideline in chairing ‘climate change’ conferences convened by the alarmist-in-chief, IPCC head Dr Ravendra Pachauri.



  1. RPI should be PRI (Public Radio International). No big deal…

  2. This is good info. So much for unbiased journalism.

  3. > The feed of material is relentless, as if it is coming from an organised source.


    Yeah, it’s called ‘science and reality’ – you wingnuts should try it some time in place of evidence-free conspiracy theories.

  4. Jack, are you for real? In case you are:

    As has been observed elsewhere, the onus of proof falls on the proposer of a hypothesis, not a challenger.
    The proposers of AGW have hidden much of their input data and research and now that it has come to the point where they have to produce evidence they acknowledge that the original data does not exist for various reasons.

    It does not look like the way that good, open, honest, transparent scientific investigation should conduct itself.

  5. And, tonight, where we live in the North, it will be -16C.

    I can’t possibly move the great tub in which sits our Olive Tree, the most northerly young one known so far, as it weighs about 500Kg: so I have covered it as best I can with ducktaped bubble-wrap and newspaper, and I have dragged it by Main Force to be near the wooden door of the boiler-house, so it will get some radiated heat for a few hours until we can do something with a tractor and trailer in the morning.

    We have not experienced these temps since January 1982: 28 years. In the meantime of course, we felt in our bones and also could see that winters were not quite so cold as they were before the 1960s, 70s and 1980s, and we were very pleased with the warming trend.

    I expect that our coldness now is down to AGW, and that it’s our fault. The AlGoracoNazi was really quite clever, in persuading our children and their teachers at school that Global Warming would end up causing a great freeze.

  6. Only the Labour government exceeds the BBC in it’s duplicity, dishonesty, and contempt for the British people. The greatest argument against voting Conservative is their refusal to behead both parties on gaining power. Both should be brought before tribunals to account for their traitorous conduct over the past decade.

  7. The whole motivation behind the global warming hysteria was political from the beginning. Some politicians do think that this ideology is a great vehicle to push their political agenda. I highly recomend listening to this speech of Richard Lindzen from the MIT.

    He presents some good inside in how corrupt the field is.