That’ll really cheer people up

Michael Winning

“Brown to attack privileged few” in New Year Message…

I’m not sure that a NY message from this PM, or indeed any other one, is a very cheering prospect. But this is amusing in a macabre way. Glad they’re not my pigs though.

2 responses to “That’ll really cheer people up

  1. If he’s going to be attacking 600 or so of the most privileged people in the country it might be one of those very rare times he’s worth paying attention to, but his definition of privileged is probably everyone but the Labour Party and its core voters. And that means the usual tired old shit.

  2. It is economics 101 that the more subsidies there are the higher the prices will be. The more you pump money into something the less it is worth. The foolishness of any government to spend money like crazy in order to stimulate an economy will only lead to disaster as interest rates will eventually go through the roof.

    Here in America it is no different, unless you want to consider how much more stupid our government is by the amount of funds they continue to pump into the economy. The constant barrages of government interference will only speed up the destruction of the middle class; widen the gap between those that have and those that don’t.

    In order to truly move the economy one must begin to CREATE something. Government will never create, they will only consume. There is nothing a government can do to help the economy except get the hell out of it. Let the free markets do their work and we will be fine, corrections will occur, bad companies will disappear, new companies will come into being and the economy will get fixed.

    One of the biggest depressions the US had was in 1920. Yet, no one hears about it – why? Because the government didn’t get involved, it corrected itself within 7 months.

    When you hear about government officials going after classes of people, they are trying to touch emotional responses from the other classes and win their vote. This is garbage and will never save any economy. I lead the chase hear in my county to get rid of as many people as possible and put all new people in government. No incumbents allowed. LOL, maybe you guys need to try the same thing across the pond.

    Good luck with what ever you end up with. I pray it is in favor of Liberty and free markets.

    Yours in Liberty
    jim kearney