Nothing wrong with that

David Davis

The Bishop of Burnley has expressed his dislike of the idea of a large Moslem girls’ school in his city, not far from here.

I see no problem personally. The difficulties come when more radical Islamists seek to re-engineer native British culture, civilisation, law and custom. But a school by itself is surely harmless. Let them have one, silly fellow.

4 responses to “Nothing wrong with that

  1. Steven Northwood

    I agree. It shouldn’t bother him in any case; the pupils there will be Muslim, not Christian, and people who aren’t Muslim or Muslim converts are unlikely to send their children there.

  2. But should we really be happy with any sort of sectarian education? Probably yes, provided that not one single penny of state funding goes towards it.

  3. Silly effing Mohametans…want the bynts to keep their effing clothes ON…well, if that’s their pigeon, wot ther ‘ell, eh? But it ‘hain’t no part of MY page 3 ‘culture’, eh, Jack-O!

    Actually, I’ve not been bastardising away about this stuff much of late…steam locomotives are all the thing now, and you lot all are invited to have a peek in:

  4. On reflection – I guess the Bishop might have a point.
    While such a school would be fine in theory – people doing things the way they want to as long as they don’t mess anyone else around too much – well that could be the problem.
    In practice many Islamic schools and Madrasas in the US have become schools which promote hatred of and contempt for liberal, western values.
    While one can say, fine, monitor them for anti western incitement to violence, the problem is of course that PC policies and methods would not allow that to be effective. If effective monitoring and investigations were to happen there would no doubt be huge outcries of racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.
    So generally I could seriously see such a school becoming another outpost in the colonisation of the West by violent political Islam.