How can a drug be “wicked”?

David Davis, harrumphing…

The government is to “apologise” to the UK’s 463 remaining sufferers from birth deformities caused by their mums being prscribed Thalidomide. It’s going to give them some of our money too. I thought Distillers had paid out £28 million some time ago, when money was worth quite a lot more than now?

Listen: I hate governments, and specially this one, as much as any self-respecting upright human should. But it’s not clear to me that it’s the government’s fault that these poor people suffer as they do.

5 responses to “How can a drug be “wicked”?

  1. In the mind of Broon and NuLab apologising for something that wasn’t your government’s fault is a humanising exercise and also means not having to apologise for the monumental cock ups that you are responsible for.

  2. Anglosocialists are given to ostentatious display of public virtue, as this kind of apology is. It is especially appealing because they are apologising without admitting any personal wrongdoing- even though the virtue of an apology is the admission of one’s own personal wrongdoing. It is the display of humility, without the risk of enhumbling oneself.

    It would be noble for Brown to apologise for wrecking the economy, as he is responsible for it. Apologising for the acts of others in the past costs him nothing. It’s as meaningful as me apologising for the suffering during the Saxon invasion of East Anglia.

  3. At least Blair’s 2007 apology “for slavery” then means nothing too.

    In 2003 I had occasion to berate a “State primary school teacher”, responsible for one of this team’s present bloggers, for teaching the children in her class that the Tudors brought the world “war, piracy, drugs, potatoes and slavery”.

    I think also it’s an attempt by the British Enemy-Class to inculcate a universal attitude of guilt on the part of their controlled subjects, to do with anything in “the past” for which any of them could have been even remotely responsible.

  4. WTF? Had this teacher never heard of the (what have they ever done for us anyway) Romans? I seem to recall that they had slaves, and while my history is remembered a little vaguely sometimes I think they were before the Tudors. And given all the Old Testament references to slavery you’d have to expect that the Romans weren’t first either, but it was something that went on throughout the ancient world. War and drug use are probably as old our species and piracy must have been invented shortly after we worked out which end of a boat to make pointy. Potatoes? Yeah, well, she’s got me there – evil Tudors and their carbohydrate loaded food.

  5. Re: drugs,
    She meant “smoking” I think, but the meaning was delivered to the kids as “drugs”.

    I have her a hard time, and she replied that she was “merely delivering the “historical topic-module-apperciation syllabus”. (I jest not.)