Burn a banker?

5 responses to “Burn a banker?

  1. I still think the top bankers are the same guys in principle who have set up the whole system to defraud us through fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, with consequent Keynesian low interest rates and inflation, with taxation administered through the state.
    Same guys. Different story lines.
    They just wear different hats depending on whether they are in the City or Westminster.
    The guys in the cartoon are the lower ranks, I guess, and have my sympathy, indeed.

  2. I think, John, that “Top Bankers” would really rather have a system of hard-metal currencies, where everone knows where they are.

    The fiat-currency-peddlers are usually governmentists, or so I was taught!

    The problem arises where you get a fuzzy dividing line between “Top Bankers” and governmentists. In a libertarian polity there would not be many job-opportunities for the latter imv.

  3. If you’re going to judge people, it’s wise to know what they do, not who they work for. Who benefits from Fractional Reserve Banking?


  4. Tony – whoever prints the money. Same as a forger does.

  5. PS: Sorry, should have added : I don’t wish to judge any person. I do not have that right.