They’re going to hobble us, no matter what

David Davis

Ed Moribund seems to think that “even if the science isn’t settled”, we’ve all got to go back to the Dark Ages. This smells of pure evil and not just credulousness about AGW.

I have always maintained that these droids are wicked on purpose. They really do mean to be like that. The strongest motivational force behind any crime is the personal decision to commit it.

The Englishman in his Castle has noticed too.

So did The Australian. It highlights the plight of the global poor, who whom the GreeNazis have nowt but contempt.

3 responses to “They’re going to hobble us, no matter what

  1. Chris Tame used the term “Watermelon” — Green on the outside but Red on the inside. This is much more amusing than ‘GreeNazi’ , which is hard to pronounce anyway.

    We don’t have another planet to go to, and we have no means of getting there. Looking after the only planet we have is commonsense.


  2. I never said we shouldn’t look after it.

    Few foes of rainforest destruction, to give but one example, have been as relentless in their condemnation of it as I. It will only carry on for as long as collectivist governments in tropical areas go on being bribed b their local big-men to allow it.

    But curtailing or stopping the use of fossil fuels, by poor as well as rich, will not help anyone.

  3. I didn’t know Chris was the originator of “watermelon”! Good for the old bugger.