Daily Mail backs Gabb Russian Climategate hack hunch – official

Michael Winning

You’ve read it first here! (From our own Sean Gabb)

now it’s official, here

2 responses to “Daily Mail backs Gabb Russian Climategate hack hunch – official

  1. It was not the Russians. A Russian gateway/proxy was used to *conceal* identity. Do not forget, the emails were sent much earlier to the BBC who sat on the story for 3 weeks…

    It was an insider/whistleblower.

    They are the residual emails of a batch which had already been *sanitized* from the CRU systems, in order to illegally prepare an incomplete response for a future (likely successful) FOIA request. The emails in question were *not* going to be provided under a FOIA request.

    Note that there is a very small percentage of personal-chatter emails that typically characterize friendly colleague’s familiar communication. Therefore, this lack of small-talk emails points to a deliberate culling. They were going to “leave in” the harmless small talk to be produces under FOIA.

    These are deleted emails from a sanitized batch which were foolishly or purposely archived and/or discovered by an insider or whistleblower (perhaps the sanitizer himself). The insider then had pangs of conscience or an axe to grind and released them surreptitiously.

    If so, he may enjoy protection under the UK’s Public Interest Disclosure Act of 1998, which was enacted to protect whistleblowers.

    For an interesting clue to the possible identity of the whistleblower, see: http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/climategate_which_one_blew_the_whistle/

  2. That is very interesting and may bear on the case. All that Sean Gabb was trying to say, and which Michael has picked up that the Daily Mail is now repeating, is that the Soviets would seem to have the most pressing motive (and the abilities!) to get this stuff and publish it.

    If I was a Russian politician or secret-policeman, then I would not be suffering psychologically under the supposed handicap that such info ought not to be published on a Rissian server.

    I would expect it to be thus published.

    I am like the French: I know I am right, and I know I am able to face down all susppicion, criticism and outrage, simply by ignoring it.

    This is because, being Russian (or French) (or at least not part of the Anglosphere) and therefore uncontaminated with the ingrained self-doubt of liberalism, I have the Courage Of My Convictions About Myself And My Civilisation.