That’s the problem

It’s 2nd December 2009, ans this place does not really feel any different from what it did on 30th November (2009.)

David Davis

The fact that the UK is no longer a Sovereign State, I mean.

Libertarians, these last 50 years, have spent too much time hailing the virtues of Sovereign Individuality, and Rand has much to be blamed for here.You just can’t go off and do a John Galt any more, however good it makes you feel to read about it, in a world where all the Statists have guns and satellites, and you have nothing except, possibly a candle if you are allowed the fat (meat-eating) and string (global rain forests) to make it. (And nothing to light it with, for Health and Safety.)

Simultaneously Libertarians have spent too little time thinking about the inevitably-partly-Statist environment under which we all have for now to operate.  Too much effort has been devoted, with the best of intentions, to suggesting via think-tanks lots of interesting and entirely logical ways of “increasing choice” while simultaneously negating the influence of The Enemy Class.

Since the Enemy Class is currently in charge, this will no longer do. It is a waste of effort, since (a) they won’t listen and (b) they’ll “surveille” and then take down names. Some protection of an at least slightly non-fully-statist environment ought to have been undertaken, such as the British Conservative and Unionist Party, as an example of something we’d have liked to take over and redirected to proper objectives.

Perhaps, in our trying to take over Conservative Movements here and there, we ought to have covertly hidden our neutrality towards things like Guns, Drugs, Homosexuality, low tax, Rock Music, fast cars, gender-equality and proper education, until we’d got proper control of whatever movement it was we were trying to subvert. Our Policy Position should have resembled The Daily Mail for as long as it was convenient to do so, and as we are all more sexy than 1,000 Paul Dacres and Melanie Phillipses, we would have wiped the floor: Obama would be begging under a Chicago flyover by now, if we had thus had our way.

The future of libertarianism as a mass philosophy, if one exists, lies not in think tanks: these have been, are and will be bright stars of reason and correctness for sure, but are increasingly designed to be surrounded by armed Endarkenment backed up by a comatose population, which has been first disarmed, then de-educated and de-mobilised, and finally starved on purpose all together for one objective.

The passing of the UK into history in its form as a Soveriegn State does not seem to matter to most people in any way much. There is still the Wireless Tele Vision, which broadcasts much the same material as on Monday: Non-Denominational-Community Winter Trees still appear in all shops, slightly earlier and slightly more expensive than usual: Cheryl Cole still has “nights out” while wearing various items of clothing: the Tele Vision News still broadcasts footage of a “house fire” in which a “mother and young children died while a man was seen running away”, accompanied by a grieving Chief Constable who “appeals for information” while stating that “_his thoughts are with_”.

Perhaps it does not really matter that this is happening, or even that it happens against the background of public apathy about big things and shallow voyeurism about tiny ones. Except that both these trends are driven by and happening in a State which has actively sought to being them about. It did this so it can refortify itself behind a more powerful wall of absolutism, the EU (or should I say the USE?) than would have existed if Lisbon hadn’t been able to happen.

In 2010, Libertarians ought to consider how best to help existing parties and statists tactically, who have the best chance of forming British governments which are specifically not this one: even if it means only a slowing of the drift towards slavery for now and not even a cessation of the drift. This is better than falling down a torrent.

If that does not work, then one day perhaps we have to consider the alternatives.

6 responses to “That’s the problem

  1. I’m depressed that you had to write such a post.

    As far as i can see, all Libertarians do is talk to each other, read each others blogs and criticise anyone who actually gets involved in actual politics for any breaches of perceives political purity.

    I actually get the impression that many Libertarians actively shy away from power. It is so much easier to sit on the sidelines and polish a sense of moral superiority than engage in the grubby business of making a real difference.

    Is there any concerted effort to propagate Libertarian ideas in the media and to counter illiberal ideas and righteously smear political enemies? Or do the LA just have obscure conferences where they discuss the differences between Hayek and Mises while bemoaning the corruption of the world around them?

  2. Steven Northwood

    Good post. No, we are getting there C Ingoldby, but we need first to realise where we are, and why. After everything, when society is put to rights, it will be a far better place. Let us not forget that.

  3. Howard R Gray

    Fabulous post, realism or pragmatism, a breath of fresh air! Now we can get down to business. Politics is a disgusting filthy process but, if your let it, it can be fun and a might bit dangerous.

    The advent of a Libertarian Party in the UK might frighten the odd equus or two but it needs to be done.

    Some entryism into the “con” party might not go a miss from time to time. Realpolitik is needed much as there is a need for experimental physics and theoretical physics. The there is simply a need for both, not a difficult idea really is it?

    The LA will continue in the CRT mode of being concerned with cities on hills far away while others more mundane of aspiration will burrow their way into the ship of state and nudge the rudder onto an more agreeable course with perhaps a better destination.

    Go to it, nuff said!

  4. Hmm, the state does not exist because it has all the guns. Most of the police in this country is not even armed. I also can’t see an organized conspiracy by some ruling class. The truth is that the huge majority of the people just likes the current system, because it has the illusion that it profits from it. That is the only reason why it exists. As soon as enough people would get sick of the system it would change no matter which person is in office or how many guns the state has. The Soviet Union for example didn’t disappear because the people had guns or where organized in some party. The system came into an economic crises and the people just got sick of it. The state mainly exists as an idea. That is why the only way one can fight it is with ideas.

    And I wouldn’t worry too much about the EU. The EU is facing a huge economic crises and has already lost the support of many people.

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