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David Davis

Now, I do apologise in advance to all our German friends and allies (and we have a few) who read this blog. All this sad business is not your fault, and I know it: and you were not personally born when the real wearers of this stuff stalked the Earth. It’s just that The Devil always picks the best uniforms for his minions, and they suit even Mandelson and Brown for the most obvious of reasons. I’m trying to help turn a whole planet’s population against the EU before it is too late, so I will use the most upsetting imagery I can find, just like the GreeNazis think they are doing with falling polar bears.

But just as you could have stopped the NSDAP in 1933 by failing to vote for it and voting for someone else other than the Communsists, you could also have stopped the EU by failing to vote for politicians who espoused it in the 1950s, when under the ECSC there was still a bit of time to react.

Oh, and the image came from here.

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  1. Whilst i agree with the point you make, i think using the ‘Nazi’ analogy is not a good strategy. People are generally going to think that the comparision is overblown and so be more likely to discount your opinions.

    BTW, has the comparision between the EU and Yugoslavia ever struck you? I don’t know how useful it is in propaganda terms but in terms of actual reality there are some disturbing similarities.

  2. But, over the decades in which people like me, other libertarians, and anyone who was not quite a paid-up-member of the New Left, have been tarred as “fascist capitalist imperialists”, the thrown poo has always stuck.

    So why not the other way round?

    The fact remains that the sort of society these people would like to make for everyone is, functionally, a National Socialist one, par excellence, as it in reality is even supranational.

  3. Maybe together with the European UNION we should also abolish the UNITED States of America and also the UNITED Kingdom?
    Yeah, let’s do it!

  4. I fear, anonymous, that that just might be the intention.

  5. David Davis, my objection isn’t moral. I just don’t believe that calling the Euro Federalists ‘Nazis’ is actually going to be an effective tactic.

    It is unfair, i know that people casually label libertarians ‘fascists’ and so on. However, unfortunately i don’t think the ‘Nazi’ smear is going to work. Better to use another slur.

    • The business of getting to know, go to conferences with, and lining up alongside, the planet’s few hundred liberal/libertarian intellectuals, who understand the precisely correct but obscure slurs, is over.

      The time when the Enemy Class must be slurred with very public, very well-understood and nasty-sounding slurs, is about to begin.

      On this slurring depends the convincing of Teh Masses. The Enemy Class know they must slur us as facist/right-wing/imperialist/neocon/HalliburtoNazis/ or lose the war.

      Let us therefore brace ourselves to our slurring, and, if liberalism and true pluralist participative democracy were to last 1,000 years, Men will still say “this was when the Enemy Class was slurred most Leninistically.”

  6. Does anyone buy into this “Euro ==> Nazi” ?

    On the Internet, the first people to invoke comparison with Nazis lose the argument. This is Godwin’s Law.

    To attempt to portray Peter Mandelson as a Nazi is preposterous. It’s intellectually disreputabe, and serves no useful purpose. Does anyone here think that Peter Mandelson is about to join the BNP, or any hard-Right outfit? He’s intelligent and knowledgeable. Intelligence and knowledge are always stigmatized by Right-wing ideologues — who should know better. Every time I read one of these anti-EU anti-intellectual diatribes I ask myself: “Why am I reading this?” and “Why is anyone still writing it?”



  7. I never said, or even implied indirectly, that Mandelson is not intelligent and knowledgeable: quite the opposite in fact.

    And as everyone knows, those N-chappies a few decades ago (those ones, yes, with the name we mustn’t say) attempted to create a “European Union”. They even said so, and had big meetings and all that stuff, about it.

  8. Ah the joys of libertarianism – one can disagree with everybody equally?
    I don’t think using or especially slurring with a broad brush is helpful. It is lazy (oops). One needs to be specific and accurate, and if a broad brush fits the picture, then fine, use it.
    In this instance I think the broad brush almost does fit.
    The Nazis were collectivist and totalitarian. So were the Stalinists, Maoists and Fascists, and as we sort of agree (how un-libertarian?) were all about control. The EU is about control. So far it is a fairly “soft” totalitarianism but just wait until it gets the actual (de facto) levers of power rather than the theoretical but legal (de jure) in its hands that it has at present.
    I would sort of agree the picture is a bit dodgy and the people in question might disagree with vehemence and even violence against it, but the totalitarianism, and the urge and righteous conviction to control other people is definitely a factor in this situation.

  9. The situational logic doesn’t work that way.

    The Nazis breathed, ate food and listened to the radio.

    Richard Helms reported Hitler as saying: that Hitler’s regime had suppressed Communism in Germany, but still had European Communism to deal with. In present-day Germany, showing symbols of Nazism is illegal.

    Even as a mocking composition.

    Hating people is usually a fast track to destructive wrongdoing.



  10. Leninismis disgusting. It enjoins its adherents to do anything that hastens the Revolution, even though it would ordinarily be illegal and/or immoral.