I think that this is disgusting

David Davis

Polar bears are also disgusting creatures, which deprive Man of fish, and eat baby seals without even clubbing them first. They do not even know how to do oil-prospecting in Alaska, let alone in their own habitat-range.

The Planet Has No Need For polar bears as failed aeroplanes and accidental-car-crushers. We should all “be sent a strong message”, and so thus drive instead.

One response to “I think that this is disgusting

  1. I did also comment this at Samizdata. I fear the worst and that for truth or lie they will try to bury the email issue with the good old “silent treatment”:

    It seems MSM is trying very, very hard to ignore the information released by the emails.
    How about picketing Copenhagen??
    With slogans such as:
    Hockey lied, millions died
    Hockey lied, now you’ll be tried
    Al Gaia is a laia
    It’s getting colder as the earth gets older!!
    Light my fire!