The people we are up against are very clever

David Davis

Watergate….ah, I hear you say: “that was 35 years ago”….

But they are raking it up, the enemy are. The rise and rise of Nixon’s reputation must be prevented, along with the crumbling into dist of those of the Kennedys, Clinton and Obama.

One response to “The people we are up against are very clever

  1. I didn’t think it was possible to read this.

    Nixon breached just about every libertarian principle.

    He closed the Gold Window:

    He gave us Wage and Price Controls, nationwide speed limits, conscription, surrendering South Vietnam to the North Vietnamese,Watergate, corruption, lies and the attempted annexation of all power into the Executive Branch at the White House. And Spiro Agnew; and the mess in Chile.

    How can any libertarian approve of this politician?

    Senator Barry Goldwater described Nixon as “… the most dishonest man he had ever met in a lifetime in politics. George Lucas described Nixon as the character model for the evil Emperor Palpatine in “STAR WARS.” Forget him.