Klimate Change

Fred Bloggs.

I recently found this on Englishmans Castle. As the story goes, the Watermelons at East Anglia university had their computers hacked by the Russians, and all their e-mails and stuff was “acquired.” The stuff contained within is really quite frightening, as they have set out “rules” so that they can brainwash people with ease, ie. target /these and these/, but forget about /them/ as they know we’re talking through our arses, ( and also they refer to everyone who doesn’t belive in Jolobial Warmin’ as “irritating”).

One other thing, I’ve ironically noticed that our biggest ally at this moment against the Greens is the former USSR: this just keeps getting better and better. (Us libertarians will be able to look to our Russian comrades for aid during the revolution against the Brown Führer.)

Here’s the PDF of the “Rules” I was talking about before:


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  1. chris southern

    Managed to stumble across it myself earlier on today, to say a smile came to my face is an understatement.

    “The game is a foot Watson!”