More good news, very surprising: what is going on?

David Davis

China looks to Adam Smith….

Well, we shall have to see. There’s lots of Police with guns there, and phalanxes of goose-stepping regiments of the People’s Army. But it’s hopeful.

Why do totalitarian armies do the goose-step? It makes them look like poncy twats, and it’s no effing use in the mud.

2 responses to “More good news, very surprising: what is going on?

  1. George Orwell suggested two reasons totalitarians favour the goose step.

    One is that it is brutal, the stamping down is an express of dominance, of raw power.

    The other is the fact that is is obviously ridiculous. When you can publically act in a ridulous manner and no one dares laugh or mock then you are expressing contempt and dominance over the public.

  2. The biggest ever print run of Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” was in China — 8 million copies…