WTF is a “parenting official”?

Michale Winning, annoyed

Guess you can find out here. It’s not the lesbian-business I object to. If women want to pretend to shag each other then they can, it’s no business of mine it’s not.

But “parenting officials”? Boss says we should eat them, after a good barbecue, if he’s right about what certain people are up to, then we might have to.

One response to “WTF is a “parenting official”?

  1. The fact that there is a ‘National Academy for Parenting Practitioners’ is mildly surprising and rather more disturbing.

    What on Earth is it? the more i think about it the more it seems like some sort of April Fools day joke, but i have a sinking feeling it is real, employees lots of unaccountable people on high wages and spends lots of taxpayer money on lobbying for more taxpayer money.