Berlusconi Monday caption competition

3 responses to “Berlusconi Monday caption competition

  1. Officer: “He thinks he is some beeg deal, but don’t worry my dear, I know, he is actually theese small.”

    But bless him. The right is shrinking fast now. The slough of collectivism is thickening all around. That long black cloud.

  2. Steven Northwood

    “Amazing – it works just like in Stingray!”

  3. The League of Diabolical Despots

    Dear People of the Librarian Alliance,

    We the heads of The League of Diabolical Despots (consisting of Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Charlie Chaplin, Idi Amin Dada, Joseph Stalin, Atilla the Hun and Zulu king Mpande) have after lengthy debate concluded that this image has far too much going on for a satisfactory punch line to be found.

    Best of luck for your next trip to a newsagents,
    The League of Diabolical Despots

    PS Hitler has asked that we make it clear that the best of luck comment doesn’t apply to Jews, gays, those with physical or mental disabilities and anyone with Gypsy blood.

    PPS Zulu king Mpande has created a caption thats is so funny he has actually cracked a rib with laughter. Sadly only Zulu king Mpande speaks Zulu so we can’t share his caption with you.