…and the gloves are really coming off now. Cold tea…

we must reheat our undrunk teas and coffees.

David Davis

Truly, if these people believe in this stuff, then it has become the secular amoralist void-filling-vulgate in place of “religion”, and they are thus purposefully-evil.

I wonder if “WRAP” is a fake-charity? Maybe it ought to be on the list.

I don’t think even the august People’s Democratic Leaders of the GDR would have dared to suggest that their slaves drink reheated coffee and tea…not as a direct instruction anyway: perhaps only owing to “capitalist-induced-shortages”, then.

3 responses to “…and the gloves are really coming off now. Cold tea…

  1. These calculations should be applied to the state bureaucracy that sits around telling us what to do. If we could just get rid of most of that imagine how rich and carbon free we could all be.
    In fact I would say as responsible and concerned citizens it is imperative that we demand all this waste should be curtailed with immediate effect!!

  2. Did I not read somewhere that coffee becomes poisonous if heated for too long, or too many times?

  3. It does indeed sound consistent with the mind sickness that seems to be spreading through Britain and the whole controlist/green ethos. Wind farms that chop birds up. Scrabbling through one’s garbage to get fungal or bacterial infections. (Probably want the “rich whities” to experience what the poor picanins have to go through on the developing world rubbish dumps.) They’ll have you eating your own shit just now so you can have some PC typhoid.
    It’s the revenge of the troglodites! Riding on the back of what was once probably a good intention.