This needs to be known

Michael Winning

I just seen this again in the Maily Dail, like I do sometimes. Current events dont seem to disabuse me of the same notion, like the bastards are still at the honeypot, thinking it’ll last them till they finally get us. I wish more people were more angry than they are. The Boss gets his trousers taken off by commenters for saying that these people will get killed and eaten but what else can you do in the ehnd?

3 responses to “This needs to be known

  1. Just after the end of the Cold War, large parts KGB archives were stolen by a man called Mitrokin.

    They clearly detailed how the Soviet Union had infiltrated the Labour Party and various groups such as CND.

    It got a very little comment of the mocking and dismissive variety and then disappeared down the memory hole.

  2. Yes. It was evident in the 1970s, if one connected the dots, which surprisingly few people do. Chapman Pincher had some interesting books during the 1980s bringing this out to a large degree, but they seem to have faded from fashionableness. That’s a big thing. Imaging. Make something cool and fashionable and it will go places. Even if it is a stinking corpse.
    And now they are riding high again. How to turn the world on its head in five years!
    Interesting to see that Gordon Brown was a prodigy of Soviet agent Jack Jones. Tony Blair as well. Blair did a very good impersonation of a Tory (how New Labour came in). Strategy, strategy. They have some very clever people. And I don’t expect they cook people and eat them, either.