1641 again: We knew it would happen: they love the expenses, the sexy food, the Zils and the kudos

David Davis

Well, he’s ratted on us too. Now watch UKIP being systematically taken apart, by the prevailing Gramscian-system, before the next election…if one is allowed.

All power is delightful, and absolute power is absolutely delightful.

When the food and electricity run out, the buggers will simply have to be killed and eaten, if only so we can survive one winter and then see what we can do about simply growing food and eating it. No time for lamp-posts and piano-wire. Not allowed by health and safety anyway.

It’s no use “lobbying your MP” any more, “writing to the papers about it”, or any rubbish like that. The time for that was past long ago. We simply have to force them to do what we want, by whatever it takes.

I feel that it is 1641, all over again. Very sad. All this time, wasted, for nothing.

2 responses to “1641 again: We knew it would happen: they love the expenses, the sexy food, the Zils and the kudos

  1. Steven Northwood

    Agreed. And the most effective way is to draw up a a policy which exposes the (genuinely) politically-incorrect methods being operated – the possible lack of a referendum, the bias of campaign funding if there is one, etcetera – and to prove outright that we are much better off outside of the EU, at least in state terms. I don’t think it would be a big problem for us to leave at a later date anyway.

  2. Please forgive me if I misinterpret the situation. My feeling is that if one is looking at genuine ideas rather than simply raucous mocking, which is valid in it’s own way and therefore my comment is out of place, the thinking of cooking and eating and other forms of farting in faces mingled with piano wire and lamp posts doesn’t really help especially if one just dismisses writing to newspapers and lobbying MPs.
    The war is won in the realm of ideas. Clarity of thinking and expression. Communicate common sense and the people respond to it. Okay, they get over-ruled even by their politicians but we knew the Tories had lost it and that’s why UKIP happened. And no doubt it is being beaten up now in order to forestall a backlash.
    But the only way to win is to get the ideas out there. Flood the United Kingdom with hard hitting leaflets. Hold protest sit ins in high profile locations. If someone has the bucks start a legal action against the Prime Minister for treason or something similar. These are thoughts off the top of head (hope don’t lose it) and I am sure you will have far better ones.
    To get into being rude and silly, except for pure humour, is to invite being ignored and defeated.