The bugger is winding us up

David Davis

David Wilshire is a very sill person.

He is right about branding groups as undesirables, but not the one he belongs to. He has been doing the branding.

3 responses to “The bugger is winding us up

  1. Just blogged on this myself. My neighbours are Jewish and frankly I’d be embarrassed to mention Wilshire’s comparison to them.

  2. It is so intriguing to watch con men under pressure – an extremely rewarding education. I love the line: ” . . were now forced to “live off rations” in the wake of the expenses scandal. . . ”
    I didn’t know Harrods’ hampers qualified as rations.

  3. Steven Northwood

    Don’t worry Dave, you can hide in my attic. I can assure you the humour and food will be excellent, but the music is somewhat questionable; prog rock, the entire Kenny Thomas discography and The Prodigy’s ealier stuff. I’ll get you a soldering iron so you can earn your keep. :-)