Watch this space

Michael Winning

I hear it was a good conference. Next year maybe I’ll reveal myself. Meantime David Munchingbanana does have the right idea about what the EU ought to do about the EU head-honcho-thing, if we are all stuck with one. Not saying I’m in favour of that, just that somebody like Barreloso-of-laughs, or that Mitterand guy if he is still alive, would just have himself shot in the foot if he so much as showed his face in Chindia or the US. Or maybe that’s better? No on second thoughts let’s not have Blair, get a EUNonentity as planned. Billy-D-Banana was wrong as usual.

One response to “Watch this space

  1. Motorcades! Yes!! That’s what we need. Lots of motorcades. And yummy control stuff. Like:,1518,656468,00.html