Really really famous chap (honest, trust me) dies

David Davis

I don’t know whether to be sad for him and (worse) for us, as he was so important such that we have lost a strategically-focussed-cultural icon, or worry about the rest of the human race. It’s difficult to know how to comment, given the sort of civilisation I’d like and really really prefer Britain to be part of, compared with the one we seem to inhabit.

I don’t know quite what Wootton Bassett would make of it: perhaps they do care too.

Had the same problem with that youngish black chap Madonna, whe he died recently, while trying always to be white. Can’t work that one out at all. Madonna was quite OK when he was younger and black,  and he sang and danced quite well too, I can’t see the problem. He clearly was almost as famous as this Gately chap. What’s the matter with these people?

2 responses to “Really really famous chap (honest, trust me) dies

  1. I think it’s something in the airconditioning. Never did trust it myself.

  2. Could be: you never know what they can put in while your back’s turned.