Michael Winning

Its unlikely Labour will be swept from power at all. I agree that socailists are clever at fixing ballots, for that’s their job, they sure know how to do it from great experience, so we are probably stuck with them after 2010. Oh well. to the barricades then.

But if they’re frightened its at least something.

You must watch it though, these are truly really madly deeply clever people and they mean all the bullshit they say here.

Better find out who “Lemondogs affordable web solutions” are. Dont think Id like a Lemondog. or any dog for that matter but they seem to like me. Don’t really go for dogs, they mostly have bad bretah and they smell. Pity I live where I do. Perhaps Lemondogs smell less bad, i don’t know.

or maybe Lemondogs is a person that  lives in a Welsh Cottage somewhere, maybe perhaps even in Wales like all they lefty people does, and does web-design for fascists, and has Golden Retrievers that like to go out and roll in the sheep=poo. If Id been at Bletchley Park that’s what I’d have said to Mr Turnig.

One response to “Good

  1. Hmmm . . . The Tories seem to be lacking that edge, or MSM is portraying them as lacking that edge, that Thatcher had when she sort of swept 1979. As we agree(?), the GBP know it’s all sideways and are desperately looking for answers. Cameron’s half hearted comments about cutting benefits (as reported) were not a PR master stroke. (Benefits are the second half of a bad equation, rather present the first half.) Perhaps Dan Hannan can sort them out (if he can keep his balance.) Perhaps they won’t let him. The people who knifed Thatcher have never put away their knives.
    All they (Tories) need to do is really grasp what is WRONG and present truthful and accurate ways to FIX it. Yes? Something like that.