The cake is a lie….. intresting…….

Peter Davis

this is rather intresting

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  1. Can’t really, in all conscience, leave it unanswered, so I left this comment at Escapist:

    Hey, Why does it matter if the Bible or religion is cake. All that matters is the truth. Reality. Finding reality is the thing, the rest is words, perhaps, or not. All that is for real is an honest search. A few things have struck me. One is: How has order come about in randomness. I mean, if it’s all random, or it was, there was a big bang in chaos to more chaos, where did order come from? Or is order an illusion? If so, how does it all work?
    Who needs cake. Look for the truth.
    Regarding time. Does it exist as an absolute. If time slows down as you move faster, eventually coming to zero movement at the speed of light, how absolute is that?
    If this whole thing is infinite, and I am a part of it, am I infinite?
    Me? Yes, I believe that God exists. Now. And that is the God of the Bible.
    Good hunting!