Not accidental: Not better: Not for the planet. Deliberate bullying by GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

The initially risible, silly, unimportant and clownish recycle-prancing, started about the time of The Club Of Rome by woolly-pullied-wierdy-beardy-sandal-wearers, has now progressed to the point where ordinary sovereign individuals are now to be threatened with fines and criminal records _IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES_ . And, tell it not in Gath, by others of their own people posing as “friends of the planet” (in various eponymous guises.)

We cna only conclude that the progression, from the seemingly marginal concern of an embattled but concerned intellectual minority, to all out State Terror, is quite deliberate.

Like the original Leninists.

2 responses to “Not accidental: Not better: Not for the planet. Deliberate bullying by GramscoFabiaNazis

  1. Again I find myself wondering why Australia, economically much smaller and less wealthy than the UK, can manage things so that Mrs Exile and I have a single bin for rubbish and a single bin for recycling, and they’re both collected every week. Not only that but both are large enough that occasionally there’s not enough in one or other of the bins, usually the recycle bin, to make it worthwhile putting it out to be emptied. What’s different here? Apart from a little less packaging, but only a little, from the food shopping the only real difference I can see is we’re not being told what to do by New Zealand.

  2. I have to believe that this will result in non cooperation from the public. Regardless of the nonsense the officials will spout, the people simply won’t accept it.

    The threats about £1000 fines will be seen as bluff when thousands of people ignore the rules.

    Or else, the people will obey and i will despair and accept that humans really are a herd animal unsuited to liberty.