It is unfortunate that we keep having to resort…

…to WW2 imagery, in the ongoing battle against the forces of slavery and theoretically-based compulsion.

David Davis

But Daniel Hannan is correct that Cameron (if he wins the next GE which is at least a probability***) is not obliged, as the PM of a sovereign nation (whatever the EU-wierdos keep chanting) to :-

(1) Not hold a referendum on the “Lisbon Treaty”,

(2) Not treat it as the “scrap of paper” which it actually is,

(3) Go along with it.

2 responses to “It is unfortunate that we keep having to resort…

  1. I just wish i had some confidence that Cameroon actually has the principle and moral strength to make the right stand.

    I’m not sure, but i am a little bit worried about where he actually stands. When i read that he knows that the 50% tax rate is wrong and damaging but he might not change it because it might look bad, i start to wonder how ready he is to make decisions that entail any controversy.

  2. Somebody has decided the EU is going to happen. It doesn’t matter how many windmills you slay. It’s the mill owners co-operative’s boss one needs to speak to. Not that, I suspect, it would make much difference.