Ireland and the EU: never in the field of human conflict…

…have so many people changed their mind in so short a time, about something so important, and in return for so little.

David Davis

I smell a rat. I think Samizdata does also.

3 responses to “Ireland and the EU: never in the field of human conflict…

  1. If Toynbee said as I am told he did that the great civilisations were not defeated but committed suicide, should one try to be a civilisational clinical psychologist and try and stop the beast committing suicide?
    The Irish move seems to be very much part of the whole western civilisation self-immolation. Can one stop it? Why on earth is it happening? Who is pushing this stupid agenda.
    Okay one has lots of good ideas but it never seems to make sense in the final analysis. I mean, what is the purpose?
    Is it to obtain financial advantage, power and prestige? The obvious ones. Does not, whoever is doing this realise they are going to trash the whole place in the process which will be to no-one’s advantage. Are we all so stupidly short sighted? My answer to that is: No I don’t think so. Because some of these plans to destroy western civilisation would seem to have taken tremendous intelligence, foresight and tenacity to bring about.
    So what is it all about? In human terms.

  2. The Irish sense of self confidence has been savagely beaten by the recent economic crisis.

    The Irish people are facing an especially deep shock as their near meltdown (that far exceeds anything we have faced in Britain) so quickly follows a period of great self confidence, almost hubris. In these circumstance, the Irish have lost the will to stand up to anyone or assert any measure of independence. (listening to Irish talk radio is illuminating, they seem to be suffering a collective emotional crisis)

    It is especially ironic as the economic crisis they are facing is at the very least highly exacerbated by their membership of the Euro. But emotion always trumps reason where the masses are concerned.

  3. Yes. Absolutely. Brilliant timing by someone.