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Not much blogging tonight

David Davis

As it’s All Hallows’ Eve, and yet people have got the wrong day as always, and are all about cadging sweets from strangers, I have barricaded the house and turned out all the lights.

Skills to have in the endarkenment

Michael Winning

Make your own fireworks for entertainment on November 5th: (From “Hobbies Weekly”, September 1938.)

Schoolboys will be turning their minds to topical entertainment at this time of year. Get about three pounds of old newspaper, trim roughly to size, and roll tightly round slightly tapered wooden dowels to a thickness of about 1/4 inch of tight paper. The dowles should be about 3/4″ to 1″ in diameter. Soak the entire cylinder in papier-mache, while tightly bundled, and let dry thoroughly for a couple of weeks in the sun. Secure the dry cylinder with quite a large amount of brown paper adhesive tape. Pull out the wood formers and cut to the required length of thunderflash with a good sharp hacksaw, allowing about three inches for the combined length of the top and bottom plugs, which can be cut from wine cork and then secured with tar. A good charge-length is about 6 inches or more, so make the overall tube length about 9 or 10 inches.

Obtain about three pounds of good black powder from your chemist or iron-monger, it should be about 2d a pound. Fill the hollow dry newspaper tightly with dry powder, insert a suitable fuse such as industrial blasting-fuse or good guncotton, and plug with tar. There should be about a foot of good reliable fuse free of the exterior. Let dry. This should be sufficient for about two dozen fireworks. Clean up spillages carefully with wooden brushes andtools.

Iron filings can be profitably added to the black powder, for a golden shower effect. Your ironmonger will oblige. Do not stand within about 30 feet of the lit firework, and retire immediately the fuse has “taken”.

That’s nothing!

One million?

Bah, humbug. The government gives that to the EU every 40 minutes.

Michael Winning

MPs expenses…the new brief is to bankrupt the Tories (and UKIP as a side-order) while you still can, while letting the GramscoFabiaNazis off with a slap on the wrist

David Davis

Bernard Jenkin (I thought he’d died years ago, I really did, I thought he was some sort of B-movie-comedian or something) is the subject of the Daily GramscoMirror’s ire today***, over an “eyewatering £63,250”. Yup, it really is. Eyewatering I mean.

One law for them.

And Tony McNulty (who’s that? How can you give a job as a politician to someone called “Tony”?) can “keep the £60,000”.

Another law for us.

***Through a Glass, Dully.

And today, we’re going to show you how to prepare “Squashed-Hedgehog Terrine on a warm salad of Autumn Leaves drizzled in a JUS of reduced Badger-Blood”

David Davis

I just thought this was rather amusing. Well, it’s Friday.

Good idea from John Dvorak

David Davis

Have kids build the school’s computers…in school. Why’s nobody thought of this before?

It’ll cost next to no money, as the hardware is usually in skips already. The internet has loads of drivers for wierd unlabelled stuff such as your Zektharg-64-ultra-rage-killer graphics card with no manual. And they can play with electricity.

And…the key libertarian benefit is it’ll cut out of the loop all those hyper-expensive hardware and “systems” “suppliers, such as Alan Sugar, who feed off the teets of the State’s procurement “agencies”, charging astronomical prices for last year’s quite pedestrian kit.

Climate Change, and what people really think

Update:- Good physics-based demolition of the CO2 myth over at Counting Cats….h/t the Devil

David Davis

I was intrigued just now by something Bishop Hill has done, in placing different strands of opinion about AGW and climate change generally, on a sort of Johari Window.

Here it is, but do read his piece.