Michael Winning

So how many are they allowed? I wonder also, what becomes of the young men who statistically lose out? I mean if you get a load of wives, where does that leve someone like me who can’t even pick up a girl?

I suppose it approximates to a Free Market then?


One response to “Gosh

  1. He has to be able to afford them all. King of Swaziland adds at least one a year.
    But as for free market, well, it’s corporatised free market, again. Usually find that those with many wives (such as Swazi king or various prime ministers, foreign ministers, etc) are protected from fair competition by artificial “restrictions of trade”. Same old story. This fellow is just a businessman – no political (coercive) clout? I bet there’s a bit more to it than that. Withdraw the advantages obtained by such restrictions and even I would stand a chance.