What is the matter with these poor women?

Why don’t they ever smile? And I thought women liked wearing clothes?

David Davis

3 responses to “What is the matter with these poor women?

  1. This has to do with clothes, well, sort of.

    According to the latest UNEP report – that is among the funniest stuff I have ever read – we learn that the UK winter of (2008-2009) was the coldest winter since 1996/1997. Ha-ha,,,


    Go and check out the map at pages 2-3 (8-9) and look at that map. Hilarious stuff.

    Those UN-idiots always have the funniest stuff

  2. They’re starving, that’s why they’re not smiling.

  3. They all seem to have really really small heads too, have you noticed?

    Either they’ve been headshrunk, or else they are all about 9 feet high in reality.