It’s not much cop if there isn’t an English Parliament in Westminster…

…AND if that parliament isn’t the only one there.

David Davis

I am laughingly called the Libertarian Alliance’s “Director of Northern Affairs”. It means that I live here, actually fairly near some of the things which this article calls “big northern cities”. We actually have quite a lot of those, and it is my job to pontificate, in Olympian fashion and rather futilely, about what goes on therein.

Cameron (for it is he who _may_ possibly win the next election, and sadly it will not be the LPUK although we could wish) knows that he has two tasks. Firstly to gain a very very large majority in places like Huyton and Easington, which is almost inconceivable, and secondly to deal with the ballot-box-stuffing which will take place in hundreds of very very small Labour marginals, not only in the North here but Faraway Cities Of Which I Know Little, like London, Cardiff, Bristol, Deal, Brighton and others.

The tragedy of Northern Cities, which you will experience if you drive or walk through a few some day, is their post-WW2-exposure to rampant AttleeGaitskelloButlerism, followed by DerekHattoNazism. All the money, basically, which might theoretically have gone to the “poor workers” under the hegemonic plan, was basically syphoned off by the bureauNazis. Some even bought Jaguars.

That’s it really. The Tories will have a tough job unstuffing the ballot-boxes in some wards here.

Perhaps when they come in the night to stuff the locked boxes, we may have to kill them.

One response to “It’s not much cop if there isn’t an English Parliament in Westminster…

  1. I get an awful feeling that its all part of the con. I suppose it’s the only reality one has and one has to deal with it somewhat at face value. It’s as though they are arguing about whether the sandcastles should have red or blue flags while the tide is coming in. But worse than that.
    It feels as if there is almost no common sense whatsoever. Is everyone on acid?