Let’s see how Cameron gets out of offering that one

David Davis (not his: ours)

Ho-hum. The EU will continue to be writ large on our stage: depite its staggering nugatoriness and utter unimportance.

If only we were to learn to treat it, its strictures, its structures, and its instructions, like all the other proper Europeans do, then we’d have no trouble getting on with our proper business as a liberal civilisation, cheerfully passing all its directives and equally-cheerfully flouting and ignoring them. (Like all the rest do – else how could you eat, drive, sell things, grow things, make stuff, shag, have a bit of fun, laugh a little, and live what approximates to a normal unStatized life as most Europeans manage to do?)

I don’t think libertarian governments in the UK would have much problem with the EU: we’d just denounce and repudiate Rome, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon, and we’d charmingly and cordially invite the offices and staffs of the EU in the UK to leave.

I expect everyone on the Continent would still be keen to trade with us, since we owe them far more money than they owe us, and have longer-term prospects of being able to pay, once we have got Gordon Brown out of our hair.

3 responses to “Let’s see how Cameron gets out of offering that one

  1. The solution is not quite as simple as ignoring the EU’s diktats – the rise of Islam across the continent is proof of that.

    Should the Lisbon Treaty be ratified, then more and more laws will originate from Brussels until such time as our entire nation is run by the EU.

    This is serious. Our only hope is for either the Irish or the Czechs to refuse to ratify. The Germans have not yet ratified, but I’m sure they will, once they’ve ironed out their constitutional issues.

  2. If popular pressure does succeed in bringing about a referendum one can be sure there will be so much blitzkrieg propaganda including crashing economies (now who would ever do a thing like that?) full scale riots proving how much we need european stability, crooks and murderers on the run proving how much we need europol, and all the other Max Clifford ingenuity type tricks, the rise of Hitler, the fall of Little Minchester, it will happen. We are on course for global sovereignty and while that course may be deflected from time to time, nothing mortal will stop it.

  3. Thought this might interest, as in, the rationalisation is being established: http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2007/05/why-global-sovereignty-matters.html