Just look at the sad buggers

David Davis

Where are they now? Some are dead, some live in retirement and one or two partially redeemed themselves.

My God, the _dreadful_ suits....

My God, the _dreadful_ suits....

Libertarians recognise these guys’  ideological features, sadly, in the minds and hearts of today’s British and European bureaucrats. The fact that these seven called themselves “communists” is almost irrelevant to the ideological war we find ourselves in now.

Sean Gabb and Tim Evans will of course be able to confirm theories about their mundane and repellent taste in prime office furniture and decor.

The main struggle today is against the hold these dudes and their ideology has over the thoughts and actions of our home-grown apparatchiks and GramscoSalariat.

2 responses to “Just look at the sad buggers

  1. Sir Karl Popper would have had no hesitation in deprecating the apparatchiks.

    However, Sir Karl had a firm adherence to Human Rights and to Liberal Democracies. These do not seem very popular hereabouts. I will not be posting here any further until I have a better understanding of why this should be so. No doubt that adversaries of liberty sometimes avail themselves of intellectual camouflage — but that’s no reason to discard the ideas themselves.



  2. Hey, those are very decent and respectable 1950s suits. The world was a better place then. Or was it? Were we just more deceived. Fighting the good fight, etc. I suppose two world wars were about destroying classical liberalism? Or the monachies? Or the old powers? Establishinng America? Or are national boundaries a smoke screen? Who are they, by the way?